Material Trading

We are able to supply Nonferrous Metals and Related Alloys such as: Pure Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys, SHG Zinc and Zinc Alloys,
Our customer can rely on EMATTECH to deliver quality products, on-time and done right. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations with the products and services you need to maximize your business’s performance.

Metal Surface Treatments

Any process that affects, alters, or adds to the surface of a metal part. These treatments seek to perform a variety of functions; though corrosion resistance is the most commonly used, each type serves a different purpose.

Metal Coating

Coatings that are applied to metal in order to protect the metal and reduce wear and tear. An unprotected metal will rust and corrode due to environmental exposure. By coating the metal, an extra layer of protection is provided.

Spare Parts & Bearings

EMATTECH is trading High Quality industrial Spare Parts from Germany &
Europe that are used & considered by thousands of customers all over the world.

Quality control

We specialize in the fields of surface analysis, mechanical testing, root cause failure analysis, non-destructive testing (NDT) and chemical analysis. Our experts provide testing services for the
analysis of metals, polymers, and other materials.

Metal Manufacturing

The Company is especially qualified to provide complete Systems: not only the line which manufactures the part but also all the necessary peripherals (stackers, handling and assembly, robotisation, clinching, etc).